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Imani Nycosi & Family

While we understand that perfection is highly desirable, nearly unfeasible, and often misleading, heading towards that is our goal. We know that no dog is perfect, but we are on our path to getting as close as possible. Everyone starts somewhere, and this is our beginning. 


With the knowledge we’ve acquired, and the information we continue to gain, we aim to make all of our future litters C3 clear, and free from all other diseases. Perfection in our kennel looks like healthy sires, dams, and puppies.. All of which will be fully health tested, have immaculate structures, come from reputable lineages, and provide gorgeous colors through their DNA.

We raise all of our dogs as pets. This ensures an easy transition to their new homes. In addition to our doggy moms, we own a bully female named Bell, and two cats who get along with our dogs well. We’ve recently welcomed a new baby boy into our life, and aspire to watch him grow along our kennel. This excitement is what we pay forward. We love providing the perfect family companion.. Even if they do snore, fart, and act like guard dogs!


We cater to all of your French Bulldog needs. Not only do we take the time to carefully choose the studs for our girls, we take the time to test and obtain documentation of their health. Why?  Because we pride ourselves in bringing you top quality puppies that are healthy.

AKC & ABKC Judge Assessed Puppies


We don't put ALL of our focus into the looks of a stud or a "female", because our attention is divided among a few divisions. Of course, everyone wants a good looking girl, which includes the body structure, head shape, ears, muscle build, and jaw structure.  Another division which is the most important to us is the health of each dog. This includes over 250 tests to ensure deformities and sicknesses will not pass down to future litters. Many breeders ignore this step. We ensure this step! We also concern ourselves with the DNA and Bloodline of each dog for a reputable lineage.


All of our puppies are cared for as pets from the time they are born until the time they are handed off to you. The same respect and care is given to the parents as well. Make sure you buy your puppies from ethical breeders who operate in safe humane environments like us. Moreover, make certain that you are knowledgeable of the breed, the care, and the love needed to raise or breed a French Bulldog successfully.

Health Tests

A copy of your puppies health panel results will be provided upon request. This panel includes more than 250 tests on inherited diseases and traits.

AKC Papers and additional vaccine records will be given to you in addition to your new pup.
Keep these safe :)

For any other questions or concerns, feel free to use any of our contact methods to reach us.

Deposits & Flights

Tribe of Judah Kennel requires a Non-refundable deposit of $1,000.00 per puppy.

We will fly to you at additional costs. Buyer must pay expenses for flight of attendant, (Almost always us), & for flight of puppy or puppies.

We are able to hand deliver you a puppy in California for free, at absolutely no additional costs. For hand deliveries outside of the U.S., fees may vary. 

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