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Queen Sheba & Griffin

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Queen Sheba Beautiful Day has been paired with the magnificent, chunky, polar bear vibe giving, Griffin. Whew! As if that description and image aren't enough to see the unique puppies these two will produce.

  • From Tribe of Judah Kennel

  • A.T.S.R.

  • Daughter of Bossy's Batman

This dam is just under 3 years old and will have her 2nd litter sometime around May or June. Her beautiful brown eyes draw you in right after her athletic figure makes you stop and wonder what protein shakes she drinks, and gym routine she's on. Although her under jaw is not perfect, she has produced perfect puppies. Her body and lean muscle build is outstanding!

Sheba is soon to be OFA Certified. Her DNA: Ay/a d/d I/in Em/E S/S


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